Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

So hell weekend is finally over. Missouri had their tax free holiday this weekend, so I had to work long hours all three days.

Listening to people bitch, because we had roped off the computer department and wouldn't allow people to just roam. They also complained that we had sold out of a lot of stuff. It's just like the giftmas season, only warmer.

I guess I will be going with Lynn to Seattle. He'll be flying up a couple of days ahead, since I can't get out of my audit. Then I'll join him Friday night or Saturday. The wedding is late Saturday afternoon, and I told him I'd just stay at the hotel, since I wasn't invited, but he wants me to go along.

We'll probably stay until Wednesday or Thursday of the next week. Do some sight seeing and maybe take a trip up to Vancouver.

I haven't been to Seattle, since I was a teenager, on one of the family road trips. Does anyone know of good places to see/eat/enjoy? Although I have heard some people say that Seattle is very unfriendly and the residents aren't thrilled with tourists. Of course, that might have just been them. I heard the same things about Manhatten and San Francisco and didn't experience that attitude in eiher place.
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