Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Time perception

Have you ever noticed that the perception of time is relative? Some mornings, I'll hit the snooze and wake up with a start, thinking I missed the alarm. And there's still another minute, before it goes off again. Other times, I have to look at the clock, because that 9 minutes goes by so fast, I think there's no way it could have already elapsed.

This morning, I experienced both. The first time, it felt like a half hour had gone by, between hitting the button. The next three, felt like they only lasted about 30 seconds.


We're in the middle of another audit at work. I spent an hour, yesterday morning, with one auditor discussing document control. And then I spent an hour with the other guy, this afternoon, talking about controls in the lab. Although, this afternoon's time was much more enjoyable, since auditor number two is really cute. We'll finish up tomorrow and see how well we did.


Lynn talked to his little brother over the weekend. Apparently, he's found THE ONE, and is getting married in September. So Lynn will be going to Seattle, (actually Tacoma), for the wedding. He asked if I wanted to go along, but I wasn't invited, so I don't know yet.

He agrees with me, that S is too young to be getting married. He's only 20. And before he moved back to Tacoma, a couple of years ago, he'd found THE ONE, when he was living in Wichita.

We just got back from Starbuck's, so I guess I need to go find something to fix for dinner.
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