Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Our Exciting Saturday

Ok, this little tail starts about a month ago, I guess. Lynn decided he wanted to have some fresh stuff to cook with, herbs and such. Since we live in a duplex, we can't really put in a garden. So he decided to try growing one in pots on the back deck.

Not a big deal. We started with a couple of tomato plants and some herbs. (We've already picked 4 tomatoes and had a couple of cuttings on the herbs.) Since they took off so well, he's been adding plants here and there, over the last month.

So he decided he'd like to have some cucumbers. He didn't really grow up around gardens, so he's a little inexperienced. I've tried to give him some advice, but it is a learning process he needs to go through himself. So, bought some seeds and planted them very heavily, thinking they probably wouldn't sprout. Well, turns out, they all did. He has about 30 cucumber plants. And they are growing really fast.

Now the question was how were we going to have 30 vining plants on the deck. I came up with the brilliant idea to set them on the ground around the deck and put up fencing to let them climb on. I thought there was some old fence at mom's and we went over today to pick it up.

Got home and I started attaching it to the deck with fence staples. For those who don't know, these have to be hammered in to hold the fence in place. I was almost all the way around when something flew out and stung my knee. It then proceeded to fly up the leg of my shorts and sting me again on the inside of my thigh. I turned to Lynn to tell him to go inside, since I figured it was either a bee or wasp, and he's allergic to their stings. Before I could get it out, a couple had stung him on the hand and arm.

As he was going inside, we identified the swarming bastards are yellow jackets. I came in to see how he was doing and the poison was already traveling up his arm. He took some Benydril, to try and counteract the reaction, but the longer we sat here, the worse he felt. He tried calling the doctor's office, but they had already closed for the day. We loaded up and headed for the ER.

While we were sitting in the ER, I felt something crawling under my shirt. As I tried getting whatever it was out, it apparently got pissed. When it hit the floor, I saw it was another wasp. And then I felt where it stung me on the stomach.

The doctor came in and examined him and said since there wasn't any indication of anaphylactic shock, he'd just give him some pain killers and Prednizone. We left the hospital and began a quest to find something to kill wasps. (The flying kind, not the Republican kind. Although, they both have a nasty sting.)

Everywhere we went, they said basically the same thing. Wasps are really hard to kill and they only carried the standard spray. But we could try this other stuff, but it probably wouldn't work.

I went out and sprayed tonight. Don't know if it killed them or not. We'll have to wait and see.

The swelling I experienced has pretty much gone down, but I still feel the sting where they hit. Lynn is doing better, but his arm is still hurting pretty bad.

So that was our fun Saturday.
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