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I know retail sales is a very transient profession, but the fact is, our store has had 9 GMs in the last 5 years. Each one trying to prove themselves by throwing everything from the "old" management team.

So, we're at it again. The company went through it's 4th management structure reorganization, in three years, a couple of months ago. That's when we got this new GM. (He was a district manager, until they decided to eliminate district management.) The guy doesn't know shit. And his new Sales Manager and Services Manager are also clueless. In other words, moral is extremely low and people are flying out to the door for other jobs.

So this new team decided they needed to have an all store meeting, this Saturday. They made this decision, yesterday afternoon. Now, a lot of people who work at the store, are only part time, and may only work 1 or 2 days a week. However, they are expected to "know" about this meeting, except, nobody calls to let them know. They're just supposed to read the signs that were posted yesterday. I guess it's supposed to be absorbed by osmosis, or telepathy.

So I already think these guys are idiots and then they post the following sign about the meeting:

This is a mandatory meeting. It is YOUR responsibility for your attendants at this meeting.

Well, I didn't even know I had attendants. And if I don't know who they are, how can I be responsible for them?

See, I finally got to the point of this entry. :)
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