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National Eye Candy Day?

Is today National Eye Candy Day? And nobody told me? It's not a national holiday? Well it should be!

I went out at lunch today and ran by Union Station to drop off some mail at the post office. As I'm pulling up, bus after bus was dropping off cute guys. All wearing white polos and black slacks. As I got closer, I saw the logo on their shirts was for SkillsUSA.

The lobby was a sea of eye candy. I had swim through them to get to and from the post office. I know terrible. But it HAD to be done. *EG*

And then, I headed out for my regular lunch time coffee. Starbucks at 75th and Queer Vera, has another newbie. His name is Mark, and he's another cutey. Although, when he turned around, he didn't have much of an as... well, you can't have everything, I guess.

So, to celebrate NECD, go out and stare at the cuteys, as they walk by. And make sure you stand at attention. :)
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