Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

We both had last night off. So once we both got home, we ran over and got coffee at Starbucks. Then he said he wanted to go across to Bed, Bath and Boys Beyond. Since we've been watching so much Food Network, he's been longing to stock up on new kitchen toys. Last night's detour, was in search of a mandolin slicer. Yes, they did have a couple, but we didn't buy one. Instead we cruised "Brandon", the sales clerk.

After we left there, we drove over to West Lawrence. We used the excuse to ourselves, that we going out to look at a sister store, but it was mostly just a drive to get away and spend time looking at and chatting up cute boys. And yes, KU does draw some hotties. Not a bad evening.

Came into work this morning and the first email I see... I have to go to Kentucky next Monday and Tuesday, to visit a pissed off customer. I'm so thrilled.
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