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I typically don't give much credibility to polls, as there are so many external factors that can influence the results. Who is conducting the poll, the target population, how the questions are worded. However, the results can influence the general population.

I saw a poll regarding the illegal NSA data mining and monitoring of communications on the news a couple of days ago. I found the results to be very disturbing. They showed that 2/3 of the group polled, indicated they thought actions were not only justified, but wouldn't be upset if they found their communications had been monitored. The reasons they gave were, they had nothing to hide. And it was for the good of national security. They would be willing to give up a little freedom to feel safer.

I have two problems with this mentality. Well two to start with. The first is this feeling that if you have nothing to hide, you won't have any problems. Now the following is just a hypothetical conversation, which would be innocent enough, but could cause the participants to be labeled as potential when run through a data mining scenario.

With all this rain we've been having lately, I have an infestation of bugs. They're like terrorists, attacking everything in sight. They swoop down in the middle of the night, using gorilla warfare and then go back into hiding during the day. I just want to kill them all. I'm about ready to bomb the house to get rid of them. But those bombs are so dirty and nasty, I'd probably have to leave the country for a week, since they basically cause genocide of everything in the place.

With data mining, looking at "key" words, the previous could be interpreted as a terrorist threat. And the person having this conversation could be labeled a terrorist sympathizer, even though it is all "very innocent" and they having "nothing to hide".

The other issue I have, as you start to accept the loss of this freedom, it becomes easier for you to be manipulated into giving other freedoms. Eventually you have not freedoms left.

People in power are very skilled at this. They know that the majority of humans are stupid and can be easily manipulated. They use specific topics to scare people into allowing them free reign. Whether that topic is terrorists, or gay marriage or smoking in public, they convince people to rise up against the perpetrators of these heinous acts. Even when they have laws in place to remove these "threats", there will always be another "hot button" topic on the horizon for them to use to take away more rights and freedoms from the masses. The group in control gets smaller and smaller, but their power and control continues to grow.

In other news, Lynn was finally released to go back to work as of yesterday. However, because of all the stuff that happened, he got reduced to part-time and lost his insurance. So he's not in good mood right now.

Went by and saw mom for mother's day on Sunday. Ended up taking her to dinner at Mimi's Cafe. I guess we are all going to have to sit down soon and discuss what happens next. It is obvious, she probably will never be able to live completely by herself again. So do we rent or sell the house, move her into some type of assisted living facility? I'm not looking forward to this conversation.

Well, I guess I should get back to work.
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