Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn and I took Baby for a walk in Westport, the other night. The last time we down there, we'd noticed the natural clothing store had been replaced by a new restaurant. It's called One80 and is a small restaurant and bar. We decided to check them out.

Neither of us were really hungry, but decided we get coffee and split appetizer. I've always heard of humus, but have never tried it. And they had a small plate dish, with humus, tapanade and flatbread, for $6. The humus was good, the atmosphere is very trendy but laid back, and at $12 with tip, not a bad stop for an evening.

We've also been experimenting with different Starbuck drinks, lately. We were "talked into" getting a Blackberry/Green Tea/Frappucino, a couple of days ago. The first few sips, you can really taste the blackberry, with a hint a something in the background. A few more sips, and the background after-taste overwhelms your mouth. I compared to, either green tomatoes or almost rotten tomatoes. A very unusual after-taste. Probably not a drink I'll order in the future.

Lynn will be heading to Wichita for the weekend. His mom and step-dad are going to be there, and want him to drive down to see them. I'm working, so he'll be making the trip alone.

I saw a story on the news, the other morning, while getting ready for work. The were talking about a 20 yo kid in, I think it was Maine, that shot and killed two registered sex offenders, that he'd found on the registry website. There were people arguing for and against the registry. I personally think, this country is too uptight about sex. I've commented before, that I wonder if the predators are the ones having sex, or if it's really the ones in society, telling the "victims" how they are supposed to feel. But the point here is really a question of fairness. Why should there be a registry of "Sex Offenders", who supposedly have served their sentence, just like any other criminal, but not a registry of those other "rehabilitated" criminals?
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