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Whatever happened.....?

I can remember, years ago, if you were working on any kind of electronics project and needed a part, you just ran down to the trusty Radio Shack. They had EVERYTHING!! Admittedly, the place always looked like pack-rat heaven, but if you needed it, they had it. And on those very rare occasions they didn't, the staff was made up of electronics hobbyists and they could tell you where to get it.

Now Radio Shack is a joke. I needed a power switch for an ATX case. Nothing major, but the computer stores didn't have it. They all said, try Radio Shack. So I ran down to the local store and asked whether they carried them. The kid behind the counter gave me that "deer in the headlights" look and said no, but they did carry switches. He took me over the the drawer and pulled out a sliding switch. I told him that wasn't it and showed him what it looked like. "Oh, it's a push button", and proceeded to pull out this huge push button, click switch. I told him that wouldn't work, but did he have any suggestions of who might carry it. He told me no, he didn't know much about that electronical stuff.

So, I had to order it online. Unfortunately, when it arrived, it didn't fix the problem. Looks like a fried motherboard. And this is a computer I'm working on for someone else. I don't think they'll like hearing they need a new PC, since this one is obsolete and I wouldn't be able to get a replacement board.

The plants are all in horny mode, which is causing me some major issues. The last two days, my blood pressure has spiked at 200/154 yesterday and 220/188 tonight. That's the only thing I can think of, since I am normally text-book 120/75 and have been all my life. I knew something was up, since it felt like I had a cinch around my chest and someone was tightening it. It was also making it difficult to concentrate. I had that, druggy, foggy, mushy brain sensation. But it drops back down after a little bit, to my normal range.

I took Lynn back for his second follow-up after the surgery. Although he's feeling better, he is still in pain and gets tired easily. The surgeon said everything looks good and is optimistic that this will correct the problem. But there is still a remote chance he'll have to go back in a do the extensive rebuild if this doesn't work. Lynn is now scheduled to return to work on May 1. We're both hoping that he can.

I was thinking there was something else I was going to update on, but that foggy brain feeling is keeping me from remembering what it was. Or maybe it's just age........
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