Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, Lynn was back in the hospital, last Friday. They kept him overnight and he met with a new surgeon. The new surgeon saw him Friday morning, but was leaving town for the week, so he referred him to his partner, who came in on Saturday. They took one look and said there was definitely a problem with the last surgery.

He allowed Lynn to go home on Saturday, with the stipulation he would be in his office on Monday. So I took him in and he was told that a new surgery was the only option. The next question was which one. He said there were two possibilities. One is minor and would be an out-patient surgery with a fairly fast recovery. That is the one he preferred, however, if the damage was too bad, he would have to resort to the second, more intrusive surgery, which would require a lengthy stay in the hospital and much longer recovery time. Either way, he wanted to get it scheduled as soon as possible.

Lynn has also developed vertigo. He had an appointment with an ENT on Tuesday. The surgeon wanted to wait on that report before proceeding, but if at all possible, wanted to do the surgery this week.

So Tuesday evening we got the call, 3:00 Friday afternoon. So he goes back under the knife tomorrow. Hopefully, this will finally fix the problem and he'll be able to actually recover without the severe pain he's been in for the past month.
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