Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, let's see. What has been happening in the world of moi......

For the most part, the last month has consisted of working and taking care of Lynn, during his recuperation. He's been having a pretty rough time. In fact, we spent all day Friday at the ER again. They admitted him late Friday afternoon and he spent the night. He will be seeing a new surgeon on Monday, who will determine whether he will have to go through surgery again to repair what the last asshole did, (no pun intended).

When we left the hospital, he was feeling much better, but by late afternoon, the drugs had started wearing off and he was feeling like crap again. He's been in bed most of the evening. I'm hoping he'll start feeling better soon.

Work continues to go about the same. Although my boss is out most of the month, either on business or vacation, so that makes things a little less stressful.

I picked up Goblet of Fire on Tuesday, but still haven't watched it.

And the two cute boys that live across the street, came running out the front door this morning, wearing almost nothing. Ahhhh, warm weather brings out the eye candy. As I was leaving to go pick up Lynn at the hospital, they were pulling clothes out of the trunk of the car, to get dressed out in the street.

First pass on the taxes, says I owe about $2000 again this year. :( So that will get finished on April 15th. Yes, I make the government wait for the money.

And finally, something to smile about.... a little eye candy.

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