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Ok, this may very well result in a flame war.....

Justin Berry appeared on Oprah, yesterday. I'm sure many people have heard the sad tale of how poor Justin was lured into the world of internet porn by a group of "pedophiles".

Now, I'm not saying I am for child pornography, I am only putting out a different hypothesis to consider.

First off, if everyone is going to condemn the predators, at least get the terminology right. Since Justin was 13, when he started, we can't really call these people pedophiles, they're only ephebophiles. Now I know it's only semantics, but...... And everyone is quickly running to console poor Justin for being such a poor, defenseless victim. Even Oprah looked like she was about to cry as she patted him on the knee, and readjusted her skirt that was about to flash the cameras.

Ok, on to looking at this from a different POV and suggesting a possible different hypothesis. Now, this hypothesis can not be provef or disprovef, because there is no possible way of having a control group, that isn't influenced by the very external factors expressed in the hypothesis. In the last 50 or so years, the majority thought is that children who have sex with adults are scarred for life, because of the sexual encounter. That the only way to "fix" these people is with extensive counseling and psychiatric treatment. Of course, the people who are most vocal about this view are those who are most likely to profit from it, namely the psychiatrists and counselors.

The alternative is that our society has become so adverse to the thought of our children having sex with anyone, we've ingrained upon them how evil it is. And this is the reason why sexual predators can so easily manipulate them into doing their bidding. They are so afraid of punishment from God, their parents and society, that they will keep the secret hidden. After all, what is the first thing a predator will threaten the child with, if you tell anyone, I will tell your parents.

And if the truth does come out, the child is berated by parents, social workers, the police, until they break down and say how awful it was and how much they are in pain because of it. Even if they don't truly feel that way.

These are the same people who refuse to allow their children to be taught about sex, because, we all know, as long as they're stupid about sex, they won't be having any. Get with reality people. I may be in my 40's, but I clearly remember learning about sex on the playground, in first grade, from my fellow classmates. I also remember in 3rd grade, when another classmate, brought in porn he'd found and we all secretly looked at it and were awed and amazed. I also remember finding my dad's porn stash, way in the back of the closet and how many times I masturbated to it.

Kids know about sex, whether you try to keep it from them or not. And kids enjoy sex, whether you like it or not. And having sex with an adult can be fun. They are experienced. They can teach all you want to know. And there is that element of secrecy that makes it more of an adventure.

So the hypothesis, these kids aren't screwed up because of having sex, they're screwed up because they are taught they're supposed to be.

Back to Justin. He kept his business hidden from his mom. Why is that? He says he thought it was all very innocent. If he truly thought that, why keep it a secret? Because he knew what he was doing. He liked the attention. He liked the money. It was only after another student discovered his website and started showing it to other kids, that he began to worry. Why? Because those adults he was taught to fear, were close to finding out. And he knew the punishment for he would receive for what he'd been doing.

And now that he's out, he stands to make a lot more money. This kid is smart. He knows how to work the system. Oprah made a big deal about the fact that he was losing a book deal, by coming on her show. So what? With all of the media exposure he received, first from the NYT article and now on Oprah, he'll probably have a dozen book offers. And even though he went back in the business, after he was an adult and started recruiting other adolescents to the trade, now he wants to expose them. So he avoids all of the punishment, because everyone feels so sorry for him. He gets off scott free from the government, even though he was doing the same thing he now wants to expose. And he still makes a profit off of it.

It's the same with all the kids that had relations with the various priests. Were they really scarred or were they just convinced they were scarred because everyone told them they should be?

If the hypothesis is true that these kids are scarred by the act itself, then why is it that it was considered normal for centuries. And as far as I know, all of the various empires that practiced this behavior weren't filled with dysfunctional adults.

So, is this a valid alternative? Who knows. Now, as I stated above, I'm not an ephebophile or pedophile. I'm not a member of NAMBLA and don't go around trying to seduce young kids. I just throw this out as a possible difference of thought.

I'm sure this train of thought will upset some people. And I understand. I welcome arguments for or against. I'm looking at logical debate and not an emotional outburst.
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