Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Bullet points?

Ok, there are several things here.

    Apparently McDonald's changed the way they check their products for nutritional value, and discovered their french fries have even more trans fat, then they originally thought. Fat fries?

    Actually, I get tired of hearing about all the foods, cell phones, breathing, are going to kill me. Hhhmm, I wonder if I can get some sort of disability because I have a terminal disease? What is it? It's called LIFE.

    And since I'm ranting anyway.... I heard about this on the radio this morning. Just another example of how extreme we've become. A 6yo boy suspended for sexual harassment, because he stuck two fingers in the back of the waistband of the girl he was playing with. Our society has become too hyper-sensitive.

    And speaking of hyper-sensitive.... I'm sure this will cause many people to take offense, but I will explain. I am starting to have issues with the dichotomy of freedom of speech and laws censoring ideas. Half the world is saying the Danes are justified in printing caricatures of Mohamed, it's freedom of the press. However, Muslims are outraged, because it violates their religious beliefs. Now, various political groups are debating laws to censor, based on possible religious infractions.

    I am for free speech, no matter how much it hurts. My point being, I also just saw a news article about a white supremacist group, whose website was shut down, because of hate speech. After all, we have laws against saying something that is hateful. I'm not sure all the laws regarding censoring are valid. If it is valid for the press to print pictures of Mohamed shitting in his hat, then it is just as valid for the Nazi's to print their anti-semitic rhetoric, or for the Grand Duke to pint his white supremacy declarations, or the religious right to bad mouth us evil fags.

    The issue is, once you start down the path of saying what is and isn't appropriate, you will eventually have a list with EVERYTHING on it. Because, no matter what is said, IT WILL OFFEND SOMEONE.


Well, I suppose I will end this here. I hadn't really planned on this being a rant when I started.

Oh, and I did drop off my SCUE package at the post office at lunch. Although, I'm not as happy with this one. I'm not that creative with Sharpies TM. And writing of ribbed cotton is even harder. Not that there was anything hard in the ribbed cotton, while I was writing on it. I'm sure that would have made it even more difficult.......
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