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Strange Dream

I had a really bizarre dream a couple of nights ago.

I don't normally remember dreams, so I'm a little surprised I can recall so many details of this one. But then, it did have some pretty strange scenes.....

The Dream......

Apparently Lynn and I had gone somewhere on a trip. Not sure where we went but we were on our way back home. We had also taken two vehicles for some reason. The dream started with us stopped at some kind of rest area. Baby had taken off and was barking at something. Lynn told me to go on and he would catch up after he got Baby.

So I took off and got back on the "interstate". Now the road was supposed to be a standard divided highway, but this one was designed by someone on drugs, or who had a Dali fetish. Both sides of the highway looped off in different directions, curving back on itself and crossing over itself and the other side of the highway. So you drove 20 miles, but only went about a mile in the direction you wanted to.

On one of loops back to the center and across, I heard Baby barking very loudly. I recognized the "rest area" off to the side and wondered if he was still running loose. So I slowed down to see if I could tell anything and then noticed Lynn's pickup in my rear-view mirror, with Baby sitting in the front seat. And we were off.

And then we were stopped at some place in the middle of nowhere. It looked kind of like a midwestern plains farmhouse. But there were lots of cars parked outside. As I walked up to the front, I saw my sister and mother and said, "See, I told you I'd make it to the wedding". We all go inside and start sitting down. The inside is very modern looking with light oak wood furnishings. As we're starting to sit down, there are a lot of other people coming in, going into the area behind where we are. And when I turn around, I see there is a casket on display and these other people are going to a funeral. It hits me, we're having a wedding in a FUNERAL PARLOR. As the ceremony starts, the funeral behind gets really loud. So much so, we can't hear the wedding. They stop it and tell everyone we're moving downstairs to finish.

We head out of the main room and turn to go down a very wide staircase. There is a landing about 4 steps down. There is a smaller staircase going up to a second level, off to the side, but we turn and go down this very old, wide staircase. The wood all changes from light oak to dark mahogany. The carpet on the stairs is old, worn and faded from years of traffic. The basement is dark somewhat musty smelling. As I start down the stairs, somebody comes running up and jumps on my back for a piggy-back ride down the steps. I almost lose my balance but make it to the bottom of the steps without falling. Then I find out it's my mother. She says thanks for the ride and runs over to a wall and starts hitting this big button. Which causes a huge door on the side to keep sliding open and shut. I realize, this is where they load and unload the bodies in the hearse. And there's one out there, probably from the funeral upstairs.

I finally get her pulled away and my sister takes her off somewhere. We all head into another room to finish the ceremony. Now upstairs, there were pews everywhere, like you would see in a church setting. Downstairs, the seats were like wooden, extra long love seats with slat backs and pillow cushions on the seats, very early American. Some of them are lined up in rows, two wide, others are going in different directions, very haphazard.

I sit down close to the back and a couple walk in front of me. When I look up, the guy is one of my cousins, but when he was like late teens. The girl he's with is carrying a baby. Then I turn to my left and his mother, my aunt, sits down next to me. (She's 40 years younger too). And starts chatting. "Wasn't it a beautiful ceremony?" I'm like what ceremony, we just sat down. "Oh, and now we get the entertainment. The kids all got together to put on this little skit." Next thing I know, there are dancing legos, twirling and singing. They're about 2 feet tall, shaped like pyramids, with these wide flat arms that are swinging and spinning. They finish their act and my aunt is all excited. That's the end of the performance and everybody starts getting up to leave.

I'm kind of stunned and sit there for a few minutes. And suddenly I'm there all alone. There's no sound coming from anywhere. I call out, but there's no reply. As I start to get up, it suddenly becomes night and all the lights are off. I can see a light out the window and walk towards it. As I look out, the only thing I see is an old tree with a huge mercury vapor light shining through it. As I turn back toward the room, everything goes completely black. I think I've gone blind and start calling out for help.

Through the darkness I hear an old woman's voice. "We don't get many visitors around these parts." Then the lights come back on. I'm still in the same room, but now there are about 30 refrigerators sitting around. The old woman is standing on the other side of the room. I ask her about what happened to everyone after the wedding. Did she know where they went. "What wedding? There ain't been no wedding." I tell I was just there, this afternoon. We had to come downstairs because of all the commotion from the funeral in the other room. She looks at me and says "Sonny, that wedding was forty years ago."

She turns and opens one of the refrigerators and a dozen gallons of milk fall out and hit the floor. The jugs all split open and milk goes flying everywhere. She starts ranting about those damn towns people. "Even though the restaurant closed, they still deliver 360 gallons of milk here every week. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of 360 gallons of milk?" And she gets down on her hands and knees to start mopping up the milk.

And then I woke up. I still don't know who was getting married. The dancing legos were fun. And that crazy highway.
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