Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I took Friday and Monday off this weekend to take Lynn in for some minor surgery/procedures. He had a scope done on Friday and then went in for a double hernia repair yesterday. The surgeon gave him the option of coming home last night or today, but he normally kept patients overnight.

Everyone at the hospital was shocked that Lynn was up and walking around two hours after the surgery. They said normally, they have to pry patients out of bed to get to do any type of activity. In fact, we walked a block last night to go to the Starbucks by the hospital.

He was doing fine all evening, with only minor pain. They did give him one Vicodin around 7:00 and had a second in reserve if he needed it, but it appeared the pain was under control. After I left, he was laying in bed and coughed and has been in pain since. They ended up giving him a couple of shots of morphine last night and a couple more this morning before he left.

I went into work, this morning and then came back and brought him home. He stayed in bed most of the day. He got a little while ago, after I got home and said the pain was much lower. He's going to be off work for two to three weeks recuperating.

I got an email on Friday from my boss saying there was conference at one of our plants in Gurnee, Il that I would need to attend on February 15 and 16. I asked today at the staff meeting if that was firm and he told me he was sorry but he spoke prematurely and that it would actually be a couple of other people going. How do I break this to you, the thought of spending 2 days in Gurnee with you isn't something I look forward to doing. I'm happy to not go.

Lynn is in getting dressed so we can go pick up his prescription, and probably more Starbucks.
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