Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Mini Rant

Ok, I believe in helping out minority businesses. I mean, if you belong to a group, shouldn't you make an effort to help that group out? But where does helping the group need to end?

I've seen many cases where a minority business will charge significantly higher prices, give poorer service, or not give the same standard of quality product. However, they expect members of the group to continue to support them. And if someone decides not to, they are labeled as being anti-group.

Back in September, I decided I needed/wanted some new underwear. I've been using Undergear for years, but their quality isn't the greatest. I wanted to try somebody different. I started looking around and had heard of a particular e-tailer that gave 10% of their profits to gay oriented groups. I thought it would be good to support a gay owned business that actually supported the community.

So I placed an order, in mid-October. They indicated the order might take up to 14 days to be delivered. A little long, but I could live with it. As two weeks turned into three, I started to get a little pissed. Then I received an email saying they were sorry but two of the three items I had ordered were on backorder, but they would send it out as soon as they came in. They estimated another two weeks. So I waited......

Just before Thanksgiving, I decided to place a second order with them, since they sent me an email advertising their underwear sale. And I figured the first order was surely on the way.

A week later I received another email stating that one of the items was still on backorder, with an unknown delivery date, however, they would send the other two items and waive the second shipping fee because of my inconvenience. Ok, sounds like a reputable company.

A couple of weeks later, I received the first two items. Still nothing on the second order though. Since I had received one shipment, I ended up placing a third order. It was the Christmas holiday shipping rush, so I could see things being delayed.

The holidays were over, a new year started and still no more shipments. Finally, I sent an email asking the status. Last week I received a reply. The last item from the first order and 3 of the 4 items on the second order were still on backorder with an unknown delivery. However, they would be shipping me 4 items. Three duplicate items from the first order and one item from the second.

Today, I received a box. It contained 1 duplicate item and 1 new item. The saga continues.

So how long do you put up with that kind of service, in the name of supporting minority business?

< /rant >
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