Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Let's see, last weekend was the "biggest" shopping weekend of the year. But it really seemed pretty lame, compared to past years. I still had to work a butt load over the weekend though. Over 30 hours at the store on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So I'm still trying to recoup.

My plans of only working a couple of days a week through the end of the year, keeping getting usurped by "having" to go in for this or that meeting.

And tonight is our annual Holiday Party for the staff. Oh, I keep forgetting, it's a team building dinner, since the new owners have done away with Holiday parties, as a cost cutting measure. They've also done away with the tradition of giving every employee $25 at Christmas, as a thank you gift. It's a tradition that started 180 years ago, with the original founder of the company. So they'll save that $40,000 and end up causing employee moral to just sore.

I guess they have to cut costs somewhere, since they just paid the new owners $110 million in dividends. They said they would not pay dividends, when they took over in February. They also announced they will discontinue giving employees profit sharing at the end of the year, when we meet our earnings goals.

I've been having some very strange dreams lately. Many of them have been erotic in nature, but with really strange settings. I'm not sure where these are originating. They've been so weird, I can't come to the conclusion they're just because I'm horny.

I did go and get my new passport photos done today. Maybe I'll do a "then and now" of the new one versus my last one. But for now, it's time for bed.
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