Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I heard on the news, the other day, that one of the affluent suburbs of Kansas City is in trouble. Apparently, several of the city workers had a gambling pool going as to how high Kansas City's homicide rate would be this year. (We're at 109 now.) To say the least, the KC city leaders didn't find it amusing. Now the Leawood City Government is making a formal apology on behalf of their staff.
What's bad, there are probably lots of these betting pools going on, it's just they were the ones that got caught.

I went over and visited Mom on Saturday. The care center was having their annual Thanksgiving lunch for the residents and guests. (It felt more like sitting through the sales pitch at a time share. The director of the facility got up and talked for 30 minutes about how wonderful the place is and all the things that they do and how much they having all of the residents there.) I had to stifle a laugh because it reminded me of a South Park episode, where they all go to Aspen for a "free" ski weekend.

Lynn and I both had to work yesterday. And since we were scheduled the same 4 - midnight, we rode together. That may have been a mistake. I was done about 12:15, but he didn't get finished until almost 1:30. We went home and heated up some left-overs out of the fridge and crashed. Even so, it was still 2:30 before I hit the bed this morning. Which means, I'm zombiefied today. Add to that, the weather has suddenly become very Novemberish. The winds really blew in this weekend and all of the trees are now naked. There's a drizzling rain and biting North wind out there today. The thought of finding a warm corner to curl up in and sleep is so inviting.

Still no underwear, and that doesn't make me happy. And I'm not really thrilled with 10percent, since their website doesn't give me a status on the order. I did just get a new Undergear catalog last week. I may have to place order there too.
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