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Boring computer bitching, you can ignore this one.

I spent about 9 hours last night working on upgrading a server at work. Everything that could go wrong, did. It's still not functioning properly. This was supposed to be a simple upgrade from NT4.0 to Win2K. During the upgrade, the server locked up several times and then when it finally did make it through the rest of the installation process, it gave multiple errors.

Now it keeps saying it can't find the domain to add itself back. The internet is blocked, because so many services aren't functioning properly. And the biggest issue, SQL Server won't start. This is a major problem, as the database it houses contains all the customer orders for one of our business units for the last two years.

So as soon as I get done with dinner, I'll be heading back into to work tonight to try and get the problems resolved. So I'll be pulling an overnight. I would have preferred doing it earlier in the day, but had to work at the store this afternoon and evening.
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