Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The onslaught of winter is approaching. I'm dreading it like an impending doom. This week has been the precursor, with a dramatic change. The week started out with temps in the lower 80's. Now yesterday and today have only been in the 40's with drizzling rain and biting North winds. And with the change in weather, I developed a sinus migraine at work yesterday.

I popped some pills at the store, but they didn't really help much. I made a comment to one of the other guys about going out to my car and seeing if I had any drugs to take. He looked at me really funny and said it wasn't his place to judge. I told him it wasn't that kind of drugs that I was wanting. At least I was only scheduled until 5:00, but didn't get out until almost 6:00. Came home, took some more drugs and laid down for a couple of hours. By the time I got back up, the pain had started to subside somewhat.

When I got up, I started a batch a of chili. So we had something warm to eat for dinner when Lynn got home about 9:30.

Now Lynn has a migraine today. He called a little bit ago and said he was leaving the store early to come home and lay down. We're supposed to be going to an Intel event tonight at 7:00. It's one of there training sessions that they periodically hold, so it will be filled with lots of geeky boys. My nephew may be coming up from Wichita to attend, although I haven't talked to him in the last couple of weeks to know for sure.
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