Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I hate weeks where I'm so busy I can barely remember what day it is. The coming of colder weather doesn't help the feelings. Wednesday morning, I helped my brother-in-law move mom's furniture into the assisted living apartment.

It only took a couple of hours, and then I went into work afterward. It's a good thing we did it in the morning, because the rains hit just as we were finishing up. And with the rain came the colder weather. It was almost 90 on Tuesday then dropped from 75 Wednesday morning to the low 50's in the afternoon.

My sister moved her in later in the day. And of course, she's feeling like life is over. She keeps moaning about she'll be stuck in a home for the rest of her life. This "poor me" attitude is irritating to all of us. She has been an extremely independent woman her whole life. She's never needed anyone until now, and suddenly she acts like she can't do anything. She expects everyone around her to do everything for her. My sister made her mad yesterday, because she took her the store and made her push the shopping cart.

I bought her a small refrigerator for her room, today. When I took it by, I told her the place was looking good, that she had everything arranged nicely. She said it wasn't home, but she'd never see home again, so she'd just have to get used to this.

Anyway, Lynn she should be home from work soon. We have to run the store to get a couple of things when he gets home. Then he'll be packing to get ready to head back to Colorado. He'll be driving out on Tuesday, and be there for a week.
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