Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

It's been a week.....

Let's see. Wednesday morning, I dropped my car off to have a new roof put on. They said it would be done Thursday morning. Ok, Lynn dropped me off at work and said he'd come back and pick me up. Around 4:00 that afternoon, I noticed I had a voice mail. It was the top place letting me know it was going to cost more, because they had to replace the back window, and could I call them to say yes or no. So they got a late start. I knew it wouldn't be done by Thursday.

On Friday, Lynn brought me into work again and said he'd take a long lunch when the car was ready to pick up and come back and take me down. I called the place and they said it would be ready at noon. He had to be in to work at 11:00, so we decided he'd come back around 3:30 and get me to go pick it up.

At 10:30 they called to let me know it was done. Too late to call Lynn back and say come down now.

So, 3:30 came and went and no Lynn. I called to see what was happening and he said he was having to train a new manager, but would be leaving in a few minutes. At 4:20 he called to let me know he was finally walking out the door on his way. It's a 30 minute drive between where he works and where I work. It's another 5 - 10 minute drive to where the car was being worked on, and they close at 5:00. And they aren't open on the weekends.

So I was a little upset. (Ok, I was pissed off!!) Anyway, apparently he broke a law or two getting down to pick me up, because he showed up at 4:40. We got down to the shop and I paid for the car and headed for home. I also had to work Friday night, so that just added to the stress.

All the way home, I kept hearing this funny clicking. It sounded like a rock stuck in the tire. I finally got home and looked at the front tire and sure enough, there was a screw sticking out of it. Stupid me, I pulled the screw out. Psssssssss and I have a flat tire.

So Lynn and I go into the store together and I know I'll have to go get a new tire on Saturday morning. Actually, I needed new tires anyway, so I figured I just get all four.

Saturday morning roles around. Lynn has to work all day, but followed me up to drop the car off. That's strange, I was hearing the same clicking sound. Yep, there was a screw in the back tire too. Apparently, the place that fixed the top, doesn't do a very good job of keeping their screws off the floor. I had several people tell, I should send them the bill for the tires.

So now I have a new top and new tires. It's almost like having a new car. :)

Mom is back in KC. We had a big meeting over at my sister's house on Saturday, as to what the next step would be. Both my sister and brother have said, taking care of mom is more than they can handle. Even switching back and forth every other month is wearing them out. She says she wants to be independent again, so it was decided she'll go into an assisted living community for a couple of months, then try an independent living community after that. See how well she can get along without having someone there 24/7. Although, in reality, there is someone there in the facility, just not in her living space.

So she'll be moving in there today or tomorrow and we'll see how it goes. Of course, she's playing the mother guilt trip on everybody, "I know I'm a burden, just cart me off to some old folks home to let me die". No, this is a trial to see if you're capable of taking care of a 3 bedroom house again, all by yourself.

I guess that's about it. Lynn is applying for another position at the store. It would be two levels above the one he's in now. He's also getting ready to head back to Colorado next week for his sister's heart surgery. He'll only be out there a week this time, though.
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