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Lynn and I are in Wichita, for his birthday. His mom, step-dad and sister are here too. (Although, his mom and step-dad were actually coming to Wichita for his step-dad's 50th class reunion. But they said, since they would be so close, we had to come down, so they could say happy birthday in person.) Yeah, Ed is a real gem.

Anyway, we're supposed to meet them for brunch in the morning, since Ed wants to be on the road back to Texas by noon. We saw his mom for about 15 minutes tonight, after we got back from dinner and they got back from the reunion, before she went to bed.

So after we meet in the morning, and they're all on the road back, I'll call my brother and see about going over and seeing him and mom. She's currently here, staying with my brother's family. But she'll be going back to KC in a couple of weeks.

I talked with my sister yesterday. She said she's not sure she can take another stretch of living at mom's house taking care of her. If she doesn't want to stay at their house, my sister is voting to have her move into an independent living facility. Everyone knows, mom will not be happy with that. And I can't really help out much, since I work so much, if I stayed with her, she'd be alone most of the time.

She says she wants to be independent again, but is afraid to be alone. And I can understand that. So I don't know what will happen when she gets back to KC.

Well, it's 2:00, so I guess I should be heading to bed. We're supposed to be up at 9:00 to go to breakfast/brunch/whatever.
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