Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Kind of a boring weekend. I had Friday evening off, but had to go over to mom's and weed-eat the yard. My sister and brother-in-law had mowed, but didn't get a chance to edge everything.

Yesterday was a full day at the store. I ended up working from 8:45 to 6:15. And then after I was off, had to go over to mom's again to meet the sis and b-i-l to move furniture. They decided it would be good to paint and get new carpet installed before mom comes home from Wichita. So they asked if I could help them move all the furniture out of the way. To say the least, after running the weed eater Friday and moving furniture last night, my arms are a little sore today.

Today, was supposed to be a major cleaning day, but I just wasn't motivated enough to do a whole lot. That and I ended up with another sinus headache this afternoon. I did get laundry done and the dishes put away out of the dish washer, but not a lot of other stuff off the list.

I also went to the store tonight. One of the items I needed to pick up was more sinus pills. got a little pissed when I couldn't find any on the shelves and then noticed the signs saying they were now at the pharmacy counter. So I went over to get some and found out I had to give my entire life history to get them. Apparently, Missouri law makers think sinus pills should be a controlled substance and now require your license information to be recorded, you have to pay for them at the pharmacy counter and then sign that they will only be used for medicinal purposes and not to make designer drugs. Don't these fucks have anything better to do than make peoples' lives more difficult?

Lynn will be coming home from Colorado Springs, Wednesday or Thursday. It will be nice having him home again. I guess we'll be going to Wichita on the 24th and 25th to celebrate Lynn's birthday. His mom and step-dad will be there for a class reunion, and decided it would be nice to have us there for a party. However, they'll be tied up all day on Saturday and will have to leave early on Sunday, so I don't know quite what they consider a celebration.

Anyway, about time for bed. So I can start another fun and exciting week.
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