Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Since Lynn has been out of town for over a month, I've been catching up on a lot of the movies I've recorded. Friday night was a multi-cultural marathon. First the was A Touch of Pink which had an Islamic Canadian, living in England. Next was Under One Roof, which centered around Asians living in San Francisco. And finally, I watched Latter Days, which involved the corruption of a Mormon boy.

All three were good in their own way. Although, I have to admit, when I started watching Under One Roof, I had to look to see if I'd pulled a movie from the wrong pile. I thought I'd grabbed a porno by accident. It contains lots of nudity and has that dialog and film quality of a porno shot with a camcorder.

Latter Days was everything I'd heard. The movie is excellent and definitely makes you question some of those philosophies and customs that too many people live and die by. It was very heart wrenching to see what staunch religious doctrine can do to a troubled young man.

On a completely different subject, I was in Starbucks, yesterday, getting my normal latte'. Everyone knows I am a Starbucks addict. And all of the baristas are used to me coming in every day. And since I am a regular, they don't worry about me seeing the normal banter that goes on behind the counter. So, I walk in and there is a young blond woman in front of me. She's wearing extremely short sweat shorts and a very tight fitting top. One of the baristas has his tongue dragging the floor as he stares at her. And then he looked over and saw me looking at him, smiling. He got extremely embarrassed and made some comment about being distracted. I told him I didn't see a thing and didn't know what he was talking about. He said something about, yeah right, and to just go on. I think he was hoping to flirt with her after I left, but she came out right after I did.

It got me to thinking as I left. Straight men should love gay men. I mean, for every gay man out there, the odds improve for straight men to score in the dating scene. There's just less competition. Yes, there are a few straight men I'd like to see naked, staring up at me, in my bed, but it's just not worth the training. :)
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