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Movie Weekend

Ok, this weekend I watched a couple of the many movies I've acquired over the last several months. Last night was of the classic "B" horror movie genre, with one glaring exception. Yes, it did have scantily clad bodies, with occasional nudity. Yes, it had a cheesy plot and so-so videography. (One scene had the microphone eerily bouncing at the top of the screen.) The difference? This movie starred only one woman. And she had only one very short scene where she was dressed as a dominatrix. All of the semi-nude involved actors of the more masculine persuasion.

The movie was Voodoo Academy. Written and directed by veteran horror movie maker David DeCoteau. This one should be added to anyone's movie list for "bad movie night" parties.

Tonight's feature presentation was Cowboys and Angels. An Irish import about a young guy who moves to Limerick and lives with someone he went to school with. It was a sort of coming-of-age movie as he goes from a meek civil servant to a budding art student with flair. And I just kept wanting Shane and Vincent to do it.

So another weekend comes to a close and another workweek begins.
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