Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

My exciting Friday

Mom and my sister-in-law came up from Wichita yesterday. Mom had to go back for a check up after her cataract surgery. They called last night and asked if I wanted join them for lunch today before they headed back. At the time, I said sure, not remembering that I have to be at work over lunch today.

And I'm sure everyone is asking why. :)

Well, in about 13 minutes.....US Representative Dennis Moore, of the 3rd District of Kansas, will be here for a visit. YaaHoo!! spfft

It's all political crap. He wants to visit a chemical plant, since he's been hearing about all the potential for terrorist attacks. And since we're in his district, he decided it would be nice to see a chemical plant first hand.

So I'm sitting here waiting for the entourage to show up. I'll probably won't even meet him, but if time permits, he'll want a tour of the plant and I'll have to show him around my area.

Who knows, maybe I'll be on the news tonight.
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