Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Hell Week

Ok, this has been hell week at work, really at both jobs. The day job had one of our corporate IT people out for the week doing a major upgrade. She was originally supposed to be here for two weeks, but felt she could do it in one. The job consisted of upgrading 80 pc's to WinXP\Office 2003, upgrading memory on 25 systems, installing 15 new systems, changing the user accounts for 30 people to the new naming convention and doing several system/software upgrades on the server.

So my days were filled with helping try and complete all the upgrades, plus following behind and fixing all the problems that developed from the upgrades. Things like installing drivers for all the "non-standard" printers, installing the extra non-standard software that many people use, and fielding all the questions, like, "where are my files?"

After it was all done, she didn't get the whole project completed, so I'll be finishing up the remainder, next week.

The store was also stressing since it's the back to school season. We've been open extra hours, and half the employees have quit to go back to school. So, I was scheduled for 10 days in a row. To say the least, I'm a tired puppy. I haven't even JO'd in a week.

And to top it all off, I got an email this week informing me that, do to scheduling conflicts and excessive cancellations, the management training seminar in September has been canceled and everyone will be rescheduled for a later session. So I won't be going to Charlotte next month. I was actually looking forward to it, too. Not the training session, but the chance to meet Brandon in person.

At least I have tomorrow off. Although, I will still be working. A friend, who owns a repair shop, and does all my auto work, lost one of his computers last weekend in the storms. He thinks it got hit by lightening, so I have to go over tomorrow and see if I can repair it.

We're having more storms tonight. In fact, it's been pouring, with lots of thunder and lightening, since about 7:30. I haven't lost power yet, but who knows what the rest of the night might bring.

Oh well, it's 1:15, so I guess I should head to bed.
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