Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Let's see.....I went with my sister and niece to Starlight again. This time we saw Hello Dolly with Michele Lee. Yes, the one who stared in Knot's Landing for all those years. I think the dialog was a little too fast paced for her. I kept waiting for her to catch up. The same with her singing. She be going along at her own slow pace, and the orchestra had to keep slowing down to let her catch up. It was amusing.

The rain finally hit KC on Friday and just drenched the city with 3". Unfortunately, I need to get the top replaced on my car, so the inside of it was also water logged. I guess I can't put it off any longer.

The store is in full back to school mode, so I've been putting in close to 30 hours each week there. In fact this week, they scheduled me for 6 days. One of the other guys volunteered to work for me tonight, so I at least get two days off this week.

One of our IT people from the corporate office is in this week, at the day job. She came out to install/upgrade every computer on sight. We only have about 100. I no longer have the admin rights on that side of the network, since they're now having to meet the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley and only allow the half dozen people in the corporate group to have access. And even they only have partial access. There's only 3 people in the whole company that have full access to the network. But I'm still supposed to be front-line support for all the people at this location. Yet I can only do minimal support with my limited rights.

Anyway, since she's been there since last Thursday, it means going out to lunch everyday. We went to a quaint little Italian place today. Our waiter, Dave, was very cute and I got the impression, might have been family. I wouldn't have minded having him for desert, instead of the tiramisu, which was a bit on the soggy side. (The tiramisu, not Dave the waiter. Although he might have been soggy too. I don't know, since I wasn't in his pants.)

Now it's off to bed. This is shaping up to be another long week.
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