Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Missouri's Tax Free Weekend is just about over, and I will definitely be happy. Working on the other side of the register, this is like Christmas in August. For the most part, people have been calm and cordial, without being overly obnoxious about waiting in lines. But as always, you do get those few who are just pricks. I had a customer yelling at me today, because he had come from another store, because they had supposedly called last night to make sure we had something in stock and would hold it for him. Ok, I understand being upset, that we don't have it, but it's not my fault. I wasn't the one who took the call and promised it would be there.

Other than that, the last week or so have just been the normal work, work, work. I have been suffering from the hornys for several days though. Masturbation and internet porn have been occupying a large amount of free time. I also signed up for a new porn rental site. See if they're any better than NetDix.com was. I've been fighting with them for six months. They kept saying they couldn't charge my credit card for the quarterly membership fee, so I haven't received any DVD's from them since last November. I was also pissed at them, since I had received 1 DVD off of my request list, in the whole 1 1/2 years I was with them.

And finally, five years of QAF ends tonight. I know, a lot of people didn't like the show. I agree, it's not fine art, but I don't think it was supposed to be. It portrayed a fantasy world. A world that I think most guy men dream about, even if they don't admit it. A world of non-stop parties, and readily available sex everywhere you looked. And it was filled with hot naked guys. They also attempted to be at least somewhat socially conscious by interspersing socially relevant issues between the sex, drugs and parties. So I'll miss the Liberty Avenue gang. At least I have it all on DVD or tape, so I can relive the adventure when I want to. The farewell show starts in about 20 minutes and then the series finally follows after-wards.
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