Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn and I made it back from St. Louis about midnight, Friday night. We would have liked to have stayed another night, but Lynn had to work on Saturday. I was supposed to be off, but when he went in, they asked if I was available to come in also. So we both worked until close Saturday night. And then we were both scheduled on Sunday.

Coming into the office yesterday, meant I had a mailbox full of stuff to deal with. That and I do have several projects I've been procrastinating on. I suppose I should go ahead and knock them out, since none of them are that difficult to do. They're just not very exciting.

We did end up going to the Club, one night, while we were in St. Louis. Neither of us got lucky, although Lynn did have a little bear who wanted to blow him. Might have happened if it weren't for the fact we both needed to get back to the hotel so we could get up in the morning. (He probably should have gone for it, since we both ended up sleeping in on Friday.)

We went to Central West End for Starbucks and lunch before heading back to Kansas City. Of course, when we left, it was right in the middle of rush hour, so it took us twice as long to get to the other of the city.

It was a nice trip and at least somewhat relaxing.

Lynn will be heading to Colorado this coming weekend. His sister was diagnosed with cancer and will be going in for surgery next week. He's going out to stay with her for a couple of months while she recoups. He's hoping the store will give him a temporary transfer to the store out there, so he'll continue to have a paycheck. But it means I'll be by myself for the next month or two.

Then I am supposed to be headed to Charlotte in mid-September. If Lynn is back by then, he may decide to come along on that trip too.
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