Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn and I arrived in St. Louis a couple of hours ago. We got a late start getting out of KC. I really should be in bed, since I need to be at the plant around 9:30, but we've been working on getting both computers connected to the hotels wireless internet.

Lynn is attempting to use a pocket AP/Router, but it won't connect to their service. I told him I think he needs to get a regular wireless adapter in order to connect.

The same black woman is working the night shift here. She's a real hoot to talk to. When were here a couple of years ago, there was a family reunion that got out of hand and a riot almost ensued. She was surprised that we remembered and we ended up talking for 30 minutes.

She's thinking about leaving because the hotel isn't paying her enough for all the shit she has to put up with. I hope they'll work with her, since she makes staying here a fun experience.

Oh well, I'm going to try and head to bed. I'm sure he will be along in a little while. I'm glad I can sleep with the lights on.
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