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Caffeine Addict

Ok, so it's well known that I'm addicted to caffeine. Most people are shocked at the amount I consume each and every day. Between the triple shot latte's, the regular coffee and a couple of Code Reds, my daily intake is equivalent to about 5 pots of coffee a day.

We had another 7:00 am meeting at the store today. No big deal. I ran to Starbucks for coffee while Lynn was finishing getting ready. Well, they had a free case of Red Bull at the meeting. I've never had and thought "why not give it a try". Either I'm a lot more exhausted than I thought or I'm experiencing an after affect, because my legs feel like they can barely support me. (And yes, we went back for more coffee after the meeting.)

It's not the same jumpy, buzzy feeling I used to get when I was drinking a 12-pack of Coke a day, or those few times I experimented with "speed", but it is a strange feeling none the less. Oh, and Red Bull has a weird taste. I was told by others, people don't drink it for the taste. I can believe that.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go back in a crash for a hour or two and then do laundry. My excitement cup runneth over.
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