Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, we took my aunt's pickup back over last night. Lynn's truck is running, but not great. She wasn't home, so we just dropped it off. Hopefully, she won't be pissed long.

After that, we started tearing into the washing machine. It died the other night, while I doing laundry. I think the clutch went out again, but when we tore it apart, the gear case is leaking a LOT of oil. So I'll probably end up replacing it too. OOOooo, don't I sound so manly?

Anyway, by the time we were finished on that, it was approaching midnight and I was really wanting to be in bed semi early. Logged on to check my office email and discovered the server backup had failed. Meaning a trip into the plant at midnight. Since there was no one here, I ended up doing some server maintenance, where I could reboot the systems without killing everyone's connection.

Also walked over and chatted with my over night guy. Since he only works from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am, I never see him. And he was VERY chatty. Ended getting out of the plant about 1:30. Got home and ate, but still didn't get to bed until 2:30. Of course, I did NOT want to get up this morning, but knew I had to.

We had the Senior VP of Technology in today. He's with the new company that bought us and it was his first visit. I wasn't scheduled in the meetings, but was supposed to be prepared for a possible tour. Apparently, everyone in the meeting talked me up so much, they decided they had to come over and meet me.

This afternoon I ran down and bought the clutch, so we may be installing it tonight after we both get home from the store. In other words, another late night. Can I find a nice corner to curl up in?
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