Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I had to work last night, but when I got home, the front yard was filled with crap. Lynn decided to clean out the garage so we had room to move stuff out of the rest of the place into storage. The washing machine died again and since the laundry is also full of crap, there wasn't a lot of room to work on it.

Yes, I was thrilled to go down and open it up Wednesday night and see the load I had done was still wet and full of soap, since it's not spinning or agitating. I guess the clutch has gone out again. It did that once before, about 8 years ago. I suppose I shouldn't complain. I've had this set for almost 20 years and they done a ton of laundry. I'm just not looking forward to tearing it apart to fix it again. But I'm also not thrilled with having to go out and buy a new set.

So, the yard was full when I got home. I ended up helping him finish cleaning up that mess. Breaking down all the old boxes, loading his pickup with all the stuff to go to the trash. Putting the last of the stuff back into the garage. He did clean out quite a bit. We do have room to move some of the stuff from the living out there to store now. (The living room has been packed since his grandfather passed away and he got all of the furniture.) It will be nice to get that cleaned out so we have a place to walk again.

I got into a discussion with a fellow coworker yesterday. He commented that he had just finished reading Roots and was really impressed with the whole idea of an oral history. He's also married to a Hawaiian woman and their culture also believes in oral histories. He was amazed at how accurate these oral histories are when compared to written histories from other sources.

The conversation then switched to how we always think our way of life is "right" and everyone else is "wrong". That we are "God's" chosen ones and therefore we can do no wrong. That we have to force these other countries to believe our way is best and deny their culture.

I then told him my philosophy, that if the bible is really true, that I think G.W. is the anti-christ prophesied in Revelations. When I've mentioned this to others, I get the immediate reaction of that's impossible, because the anti-christ is evil and G. W. is a God fearing Christian. I then went on the explain my theory. If you're really wanting to subvert the masses, you tell them you're their friend. You use manipulation to get them to follow you, unquestioningly. You use phrases like, you're protecting the country from those evil bastards, bringing us back to a God based philosophy. Using hot issues to convince them to allow you complete control. "We're fighting those evil devil worshiping terrorists." or "We're fighting those evil devil worshiping fags." And the masses blindly jump on board and let this person take over control.

Piece by piece, freedoms and rights are taken away. Control is given to one person and his minions. And suddenly, one day you wake up and you realize it's too late. You are now under the complete control of a monster. He now has complete power and authority and has removed his cloak of being on your side. His true motives become obvious. And everyone moans "how could this have happened."

Of course, this philosophy is considered Anti-American and Anti-God. I'm made out to be some devil worshiping asshole to even think such blasphemous thoughts. And like any others who dare to criticize, are quickly silenced to "protect the peace."

I was surprised when we finished, that he actually agreed with many of my points. He is a devout Christian, who goes to church every Sunday. But isn't one of the zealots that are trying to take over. I know I sometimes complain about "the Christians", doing the same type of stereo-typing that they use against homosexuals. And I have to step back and chide myself. Everyone has their beliefs. Just because you're a Christian, or a homosexual, or a Muslim, doesn't mean you fit the stereo type. Each of us is an individual and should be treated as such.

Anyway, I guess this rant has gone on long enough. I just got an email that I have a meeting to go to in an hour. So I suppose I should get back to work.
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