Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, this is definitely a "YAY, it's finally Friday" week. Actually, this is the culmination of two, busy, running my ass ragged weeks. I do have to work to tonight, but I'm off tomorrow. Although, it still won't be a stay in bed and rest day, since we're supposed to be making a day-trip to Wichita. I don't know yet, if I'm scheduled to work Sunday. If not, we'll spend the night.

Either way, it will be a packed weekend, since his mom will be there, and my mom is there. We'll be trying to spend time with each of them. And hope neither one feels slighted because they didn't get their share.

On top of it all, I've been really horny. I had some errands to run last night, and I was actually contemplating, running through the park to see if there was anyone out yet, for the season. I keep having fantasies of raping, pillaging and plundering.

Damn, and Ed just walked into my office to ask a question......if he only knew what I want to do to that ass of his.....
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