Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

A Surreal Morning

At 9:57 this morning, the site manager walked into my office and said he needed to talk to me, as he's closing the door. Ok, this is a bit strange.......

He proceeded to tell me that one of the positions in the company has been eliminated. But there were only three locations that had this position. The other two locations found out Wednesday and yesterday, that the position was eliminated. KC was the last to find out.

Therefore, effective immediately, the technicians will report to me, instead of my boss, and I will report directly to the site manager. My boss was escorted out at 10:45 this morning.

We had actually talked a few times about the fact that he was planning on retiring next spring, and that I would probably take his place. I just wasn't expecting it quite this soon. And of course, since that position is eliminated, it means that this is not a promotion for me, just additional responsibility in my current job.

Anyway, it's time for coffee, so I'm headed out for a while. Getting away will give some time to absorb this new situation.
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