Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The Weekend

Friday was spent working all day and evening, first at the day job and then at the store. Lynn was working Friday evening as well and got out just a little before I did. We went home and had a quick dinner before heading to bed. We both had to be back at the store at 7:00 for an all store meeting. I just love those Saturday morning meetings.

After the meeting, we headed over for coffee at Starbuck's and then home. Lynn hadn't slept much, but then he has been suffering from insomnia for a few months. I'm sure part of it is caused by all the pain he is in constantly, but he's also got the vampire complex.

So after checking emails and being lazy, we both headed back to bed for a "short" nap. Neither one of slept soundly, but finally got up around 4:00. Didn't do much Saturday evening. Although, I kept having this desire to go out to a bar and party. I haven't been out in ages.

Lynn had received a call from one of the guys we work with. His computer was acting up again, and asked if Lynn could come over and take a look it, after he got home from work. When Lynn called him back, he was just headed out for the evening and said he'd probably be back around midnight.

So Lynn headed over to his place around 12:30 and didn't get home until 4:00. Like I said, he suffers from a vampire complex. I ended up crashing around 2:30, but did hear him when he came in. It's hard to miss Baby, when he comes up the steps.

Sunday I got up the first time around 9:30. Had a cup of tea, watched the weather reports for the day and checked email. Since Lynn hadn't gotten home until, I went back to bed. We had talked the night before about getting out and enjoying the day, since it was supposed to be nice.

We both got up around 1:00 and had our showers. We decided to head down to the Plaza to wander around and stare at guys. It was close to 80°F yesterday with a nice breeze. Lynn called Richard to see if he wanted to join us. He said he would, but only for about and hour. He had to meet his dance troupe at 5:00, for rehearsal. So we all met at Starbuck's around 3:30 and headed out to window shop and comment about all the sights.

Wandered around in Pottery Barn, Eddie Bauer and William Sonoma, looking at the stuff they had, but also all the cute gay boys out shopping. We ran into Three Dog Bakery also, so Lynn could get Baby some more treats. Of course, we had to flirt with the cute gay boy behind the register.

By then, it was time for Richard to take off, so we said our goodbyes. The clouds had moved in and looked like it was about storm, so we headed back in the direction of the car. As we walked past Brio, we entertained the idea of having Italian for lunch. Neither of us had been here and thought we could go ahead and try it out. The food wasn't bad, but as with everything on the Plaza, overpriced.

After dinner we headed home, with a stop at the new post office to check Lynn's box. They don't have any Sunday hours at the new location, so he wasn't able to pay his box rental, which is due.

Got home and I did some more laundry and had a few things I'd brought home from work to do. After that, I finished up filing my taxes. I always wait until the deadline, since I always have to pay. Lynn's were done over a month ago, and he already received his refunds.

Now it's back to the normal work week. My vacation from the boss ends on Wednesday. I'm so thrilled.
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