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For the Geek who has everything, now they can have everything in one. From CNET.COM.......

The iTreoPod

CNET editor's take

Reviewed by Tom Merritt
Edited by Molly Wood
Reviewed April 1, 2005

This most brilliant combination has set the world on its ear, and, unlike any other Apple announcement, news of its existence wasn't leaked months before the actual arrival date. Thankfully, CNET got a review unit two days before the announcement, though we had to give Apple and PalmOne free Wi-Fi and a staff member to hold hostage until the nondisclosure agreement expired. (It expired today, and Patrick Houston, our editor in chief, is recovering nicely, though doctors say his hair may never grow back completely.)

Upside: The iTreoPod combines the best of the insanely popular Apple iPod with the raw genius of the much-lauded Treo 650. This device can make calls, shoot pictures, surf the Web, and play iTunes music. It also fits nicely in a trouser pocket if, say, you buy your pants at Big & Tall.

Downside: The system isn't integrated, it's held together with duct tape, and oh yeah, it doesn't exist.

Outlook: How did this mind-numbing partnership come about so unexpectedly?

As we watched the Sony PSP add more and more features, bringing it to Gizmondo proportions, it got us thinking that maybe the PSP would move into the iPod space. Then we heard about Motorola's iTunes phone.

That got us wondering what the ultimate hybrid gadget would be, not just functionally but brandwise as well. What unthinkable partnership would get the most attention? Our top two gadgets of last year were the unstoppable iPod and the highly touted Treo 650.

Molly Wood's Treo, an iPod, and some tape led us to this year's April Fool's product. Enjoy.

Read the real reviews of the iPod and the Treo (sold separately).
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