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The store was pretty dead tonight, at least in the computer department. But there were still quite a few hot guys in running around. If they only knew the thoughts going through my head when they walk by.......

There were a couple that came in looking for one of the other guys that works in the department. I told them I thought he went to dinner, and they were upset that he didn't call them first. I told them I wasn't sure and I'd go see if I could find him. He was in the breakroom, doing some paperwork, and when I told there were two guys looking for him, he made the comment, it must be Tony and Nick. I said I didn't know, they didn't tell me their names. He said something about, they're both cute boys and the one is only about 4 feet tall. I said, yeah, that sounded like them.

With comments like that, it makes me wonder about Br*. And I have to admit, I wouldn't have minded seeing all three of them naked in my bed. I mean, most guys don't call other guys cute, when they're describing them.

The taller of the two had this GREAT bubble butt. I don't know if anyone saw me staring at it as they walked down the aisle in the store. It was one of those where you just lose yourself in the moment and suddenly realize what you're doing. But at least one of them would have had to be scrubbed down first. He was wearing WAY TOO MUCH cologne. And with my sinuses acting up today, it just made my headache worse.

So, I'm home and have already asked Lynn what he wants for dinner. And of course, got the standard, "I don't know, what do you want", response. So now it's off to the kitchen to try and come up with something so we can both crash. We both have to be in the store in the morning.
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