Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

So, we stayed up way too late, Monday night, watching Eurotrip on cable. Yes, I know. It's a mindless teen comedy. But it does have cute guys and some of the scenes are quite funny.

Mom has been moved to a new rehab facility. This one is supposedly the highest rated center in the Midwest. They are definitely working her more than the old place. But she's worried she doesn't have enough time to get back to being somewhat self sufficient before her coverage runs out. She has only 3 weeks left and then if she stays, it will be coming out of her wallet. She's also depressed, thinking nobody wants to give up their life to take care of her.

I think my cold is in the final lingering annoyance stage, but now Lynn has come down with it. He's been suffering for the last two days. Sounds about right, just as one of us gets over it, the other one gets it.

Thankfully, the weather prognosticators were wrong again. They had originally predicted rain/snow for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Instead it's bright sunshine and about 60°F out there. It's definitely got me in spring fever mode. I want to go run naked in the grass.
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