Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The Weekend - the good, the bad and the suckeys

The Good

This weekend was gorgeous, with lots of sunshine and warm temps, it was almost like spring. Which of course meant lotsa hawt, sexah, qt boiz, running around in shortz and tight t'z. Which made it a very horn inducing weekend.

(sorry Richard, I just couldn't bring myself to use teh. but ya learned me well on the other $H!7.)

The Bad

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to really enjoy the great weather, since I had to work most of the weekend. I worked Friday night, and than back Saturday morning for a 7 - 10 meeting. Then back again Saturday night, from 3 - 11. And finally yesterday from 11 - 6. It did mean getting to stare at all those cute guys, but still, it wasn't out enjoying the greatness.

The Suckeys

And to add to the wonderfulness of yesterday, I ended up with one of my sinus induced migraines at work. Even taking multiple doses of meds, didn't prevent it from getting progressively worse as the day went on. By the time I got off last night, I was fighting the urge to hurl.

Came home and went straight to bed. At least me head is feeling better today. But apparently I must have slept wrong, since it feels like somebody kidney punched me in my sleep. Which might not be so bad if I actually had somebody in my bed. But I hate having the pain without the pleasure.
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