Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn and I went and saw mom tonight. She went to the doctor today and he told her, that it may take upwards of two years to regain everything. Not to expect it to happen overnight, although he was impressed with the progress she's made so far. He was working the emergency room the night we took her in, but hasn't seen her since. So the fact that she was almost dead that night, and now has regained probably 60+% in only 2 1/2 months is a sign she's a fighter.

After that, we ran over to the local pool hall and had tenderloin sandwiches for dinner. Well, actually dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow, considering the size of them. We also had difficulty concentrating on eating, since the place was a testosterone smorgasbord. Lots of cute guys running around, sticking their cute butts in the air over the pool tables. Hhhhmmm, why do I suddenly have porn scenes flashing in my head. :)

Time to check email so we can both go to bed. He's wanting to hit the road early tomorrow. Apparently his mom and uncle have both commented tonight that we could make the round trip in one day, so we wouldn't have to stay overnight in a hotel. (They're paying for our hotel stay out of the inheritance.) Or, if we have to stay overnight, don't we know anyone down there we could stay with? I looked at him and said if they're that worried about $50, I'll pay for the hotel.

I figure, if we're down there, I should at least try and see my brother and his family.

I guess I'll head to bed and fantasize about all the penises on Sebby's dick length poll.
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