Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

3 hours to go and counting.  I'm taking tomorrow and Saturday off work.  I told that to one of the women in the front office, this morning, she immediately said something about, oh, it's going to be warm so you're taking off.  I wish that were the case, and that I could say I'm going to be visiting some exotic locale, but unfortunately, that is not to be.

The reality is I'll be driving to Wichita with Lynn to help him clean out his grandfather's apartment at the home.  His uncle is flying in today to take care of all the final details and then we'll be meeting him tomorrow to start going through everything.  Lynn will get a Uhaul on Saturday morning so we can pack it all up and bring it back here.  Although I'm not sure where we'll put the stuff.

Other than that, life is filled with work.  The store is scheduling me 25+ hours a week.  Everyone else is complaining they're not getting enough hours.  But when I try to let them have some of mine, suddenly they're busy.

I'm dreading doing my taxes.  Last year I ended up owing about $3000, and from the looks of things, this year may not be any different, even though I paid in extra.
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