Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

It's been too long since I had my hair cut. It's at least two months overdue. The problem is, the person I go see, got a new career and only works at the shop on Saturdays now. Ok, that shouldn't be a big deal, except, the few Saturdays I've had off, she took off also.

So Lynn called her last night to see if there was a time we could get together outside of the normal hours. She said she would be free Wednesday evening. So, tomorrow night, she'll be coming by the apartment to do both of us. Woo hoo, hair cutty goodness!

Mom is doing better, every time I go see her. They moved her from the rehab center at the hospital to a rehab facility at a skilled nursing center. (In other words, a nice euphemistic term for nursing home.) I guess it's not as bad as the ones where people are dumped to die, but not by much. They're expecting her to be there 4 - 6 weeks, with an intensified PT/OT program. They're hoping she'll be able to walk, at least with a walker or cane, by the time she leaves.

She's still having some problems controlling her right leg. Plus, her equilibrium is for shit. Every time she tries to stand up, she loses her balance. Added to that, the partial blindness is screwing with her ability to focus.

Yesterday was a beautiful for a Midwest January day. There was bright sunshine, warm temps and only a slight breeze. Lynn and I ended up going down to Westport to walk around and get some exercise out of the house. We stopped in at Californo's and had chicken thai fried rice, mmmmmm. Although he had to send his back, since they ended up substituting mushrooms and green peppers, for broccoli and cauliflower. He's allergic to mushrooms and didn't want to chance getting sick. His replacement was something in between, with broccoli and green peppers.
It's always way more than either of us can eat, so we'll be having it again tonight for dinner.

This weekend was spent DLing from WinMX. I now have 6 or 7 new pornos to keep me occupied. It must have been a pornorific weekend, since there were soooo many people online sharing.

Well, I suppose I should get back to work. I found out this morning that I have to prepare and give a presentation to an entourage of people next Wednesday and Thursday. Last week, it was presented to us there would be a couple of people visiting from one of our customers in Japan. They would only be here a couple of hours for a quick tour. That's not really a big deal.

As of yesterday, there are now 9 people, from three locations in Japan, the US and Canada showing up for a two day audit. Since I'm the "quality guy", the bulk of it has been given to me to handle. Adding to the enjoyment, the manager over that area, is working on a project in China. He won't be back in the US until next Tuesday. And his "second in command", leaves next Monday for New Mexico on vacation.
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