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He views them, spews them, and then packs 'em up

It always irritates me. I open the journal update window, all ready to make an entry, and then nothing comes out. It's almost like the act of opening the "window", sucks the muse from my head.

So, let's see..... Mom is doing much better. When I went to see her this weekend, she was very active and talkative. She was laying down when we came in the room, and she just said she was going to get up. She sat up in bed, and although she had to work at it, flipped herself around and called for the nurse to come help her into the chair.

And she's regained a lot of her snappy self, bickering with my aunt. She's still bummed about not having complete control of her right leg. And she doesn't think she'll be able to walk, like the PT's keep saying, by next week. But it's definitely a lot better than she was a couple of weeks ago.

Netdix is being their typical annoying selves. I got a couple of emails this morning, informing me my next two selections had been shipped. And letting me know I have 23 titles in my queue. (I can just hear that mechanical voice saying that.... "U av "23"....titlez in your kee".)

Now, of those 23, only 1 is unavailable and only 6 have a waiting list. All the rest show as available now. So why are the two they are shipping me not on my request list at all? I understand they are a small company with very few employees, and they were short staffed over the holidays due to a death of a family member and holiday vacations, but..... You wouldn't think it would be THAT difficult to look at a list and ship something from that list, instead of whatever happens to be closest to your sticky hand.

Ewww, I just got a visual of some guy in a trench coat, working in a dark cellar, packing these to send out. He views them, spews them, and then packs 'em up.

Today is another of those nasty, foggy, drizzly days. And it's just cold enough out there, that you can tell there's a bit of ice in the drizzle, since it stings a bit when it hits your face. Of course, people are driving like idiots today. And is it too much to ask to turn on your headlights when you're driving in this kind of weather? With the fog, visibility is only about 1/4 mile. It would help to see you on the road. Maybe I'm just being too picky about it.

Wow, I guess I had more to say than I thought.......

And since I've already ranted about a couple of things, I'll throw one more out there. People who get on P2P networks and DON'T share files back. They suck from everybody else, but don't give any in return. Or the ones who will be downloading from 10 people, but only allow 1 person to download from them. And they have 1000+ files that they've DL'd. That just seems wrong.

Well, I guess that's about it.
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