May 26th, 2004


A semi student, again

It's kind of fun, to be a student again, even though it's only temporary in the continuing education curriculum.

I completed the 4 day Networking class today. 2 days this week and 2 last week. Now I have another 2 day class next week. And an additional 4 days in July.

I miss being in school. Those were more carefree days, with less stress and responsibility.

The biggest problem, right now work is a bitch. We've got several people visiting the plant right now, that I'm supposed to be there for, but haven't been. Plus I have an audit tomorrow and Friday, which I haven't had time to plan for.

I'm at that point where I really need a vacation, before I have a complete stressful breakdown. But can't get away, because of work commitments.

I talked to my boss last week. He thinks he might be back by the first of July, but still isn't sure whether he's coming back at all.

So, school is fun, work is a bitch.