April 8th, 2004


(no subject)

I've been a bit draggy all day. I should have gone to bed early last night. I really did have every intention of doing just that. But ended up logging on to ICUII, and had a fun and frisky conversation with a VERY SPECIAL someone. I sometimes wonder if he knows just how special I think he is.

Work has been pretty boring today, which didn't help the alertness factor. Add to that the bright sunshine outside and I opted for a long lunch. :) Being salaried does have it's advantages sometimes.

I work the next three nights at the store. And if they're anything like the last few, it's going to be three long, boring evenings. I think spring is having an affect on everyone, and not one conducive of buying electronics. :) Ok, it might induce some people into buying vibrating devices, but we don't sell those.

About out of here. Run home, change clothes and then to bother job.