February 5th, 2004


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It snowed last night. Actually, it still looks like a blizzard out there now. When the alarm went off this morning, I just said f**k it, and slept in another hour or so. I figured the streets were going to be miserable anyway. I'd let all the other idiots get out of the way before I attempted the trek to work.

So, instead of leaving around 7:45, I headed out about 9:15. And yes, traffic had cleared pretty good. Didn't have too many problems on the way. There were a few places where the car was shorter than the snow, but I managed to plow through.

However, if it keeps up like it is right now, for very long today, I may not get home.

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And the snow continues to fall. Looks like there's probably around 4 - 6 inches out there right now.

Who knows when it will stop. Although, I did check the weather radar, and it looks like the storm has just about passed through KC. Looked like about 20 miles West of here, it has cleared. The weather proctologists (yes, I know it prognosticators, but most of the time, I think their asses), said it should have at 8:00 this morning, 10:00 this morning, noon, 3:00 this afternoon. And I haven't heard the latest, since it's already after 3:00.

And starting to snow harder again.

We are obviously paying the price for such a warm January.

Lynn helped me out again

Well, I have to thank Lynn once again for figuring out my problem. He has the same webcam on his computer and experienced the same problem, awhile back. After playing with it for a over a week, he came in while I was attempting, yet again to fix it, and asked if I had plugged it directly into a USB port instead of the hub. Well, no, I hadn't tried that.

Well, guess what? It worked! So now I'm able to broadcast once again.

Yes, the world is unsafe once again.