January 26th, 2004


(no subject)

Ok, I got a call from the site manager at 9:50, this morning, telling me, I needed to attend the staff meeting in place of my boss. Ok, I knew he wasn't here yet. And he has been having some problems. In fact, he went home Friday morning, and wasn't supposed to report back to work, until after he had talked with the site manager.

That part I knew. But I hadn't heard from him this morning, so wasn't sure what the latest was. And I didn't know there was a staff meeting. I had to ask what time the meeting was, 10:00 this morning. So I have to rush up to attend that.

The real kicker, from all of this, I find out, in the staff meeting, that my boss is out indefinitely on leave. And that I will be taking over most of his responsibilities in the interim. That's all wonderful, but could you maybe let me this before I hear the announcement in the meeting?

It's snowing again

We had the freezing rain, sleet and ice yesterday. Not too bad, only about 1/2 inch. Then a light snowfall came through this morning. Again, not too bad. But they did say, a bigger wave would be coming through this afternoon and evening. Said it should be starting sometime around noon.

Well, looking out my window, I see they were right. The sky is filled with BIG fluffy flakes, everywhere. Should make going home this afternoon interesting, since most of the people around do not know how to drive on dry pavement, let alone wet, slick snowy stuff. They all drive SUV's and think they're impervious to snow and ice. They go flying down the highway at 80 miles per hour and slam into things when they lose control.